English Page - 館林うどん

Company Outline hiyashiWhen we first started business in 1947, we constantly worked on raising the quality level of our souvenirs and gifts – a strategy that kept us out of price wars. From the late 1950′s, we entered product fairs and exhibitions that were run or supported by the Prefectural Government. In order to break into foreign markets we are aggressively promoting our products overseas and recently we set up a branch office in Hong Kong.
In 1993 we finished construction of our Kondo Factory that incorporates an ecosystem where rain water is used to supply the toilets and irrigation. We are also working on environmental measures for our manufacturing facilities.

A firm noodle, with an almost transparent lustre and flavours that impress even the pickiest of udon connoisseurs. shohin“Tatebayashi Udon” is a registered trademark and general term for all of our products including udon, cold hiyamugi and soba. We produce and sell over 30 different types of noodle including rehydratable and half cooked noodles, green tea Cha-Soba Noodles, Tansy Noodles, seasonal Lotus Root Noodles, Purple Sweet Potato Noodles and our highest quality noodle of all, “Tamaneri Udon”. We only use the very best flour when making our Tamaneri Udon Noodles. When these noodles are boiled, they reveal a unique lustre and firmness to the bite that impresses the pickiest of udon connoisseurs every time. Our reasonably priced ‘Ajikko Udon Set’ and 100% Gunma flour ‘MENzuclub Noodles’ are also both very popular.